Technical Analysis

A technical analysis is performed after the workspace concept design is approved. The overall aim is to review your current office situation against your desired goals and make robust recommendations on how to achieve your vision. We conduct an assessment of your building infrastructure to determine how the layout of space can be used most effectively to create your ideal work environment. Our assessment takes into account the functionality and technological foundations of your building space. After our technical analysis we present potential limitations and solutions for bringing your unique workspace to life.


Why is technical analysis important?

Making the most effective use of your office space is about understanding its possibilities and limitations. Technical analysis allows us to uncover the feasibility of our concept, providing time for us to revise our design to most effectively transform your office space in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Why work with Studio DB?

At Studio DB our number 1 priority is ensuring our clients are satisfied with our workspace solutions. We’ve been in the residential and commercial space business for 57 years, with a specific focus on interior design from the 90s onwards. Now we are a leading interior design and furnishing company working from Whangarei, Auckland, Wellington and Sydney. Being a third-generation family company, we have a strong sense of who we are and have built a culture of resourcefulness, generosity and agility. Our designers work hard to give you the best work they have to offer.

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