Progressive Budgeting / Quantity Surveying

Progressive budgeting is carried out at every stage of the design process to understand our choices' impact on cost. This empowers our clients to make informed design decisions that assess the impact on the overall project cost and time to completion. Delivering a project that runs on time and within budget is manageable with robust budgeting. We deliver exceptional design solutions that never leave you out of pocket.

Why is progressive budgeting important?

Progressive budgeting allows our project team to better control costs and avoid cost overruns that leave you out of pocket. We are constantly re-evaluating and updating our clients on costing throughout the design and construction delivery process.

Why work with Studio DB?

Studio DB is a third-generation family business with over 57 years of experience in the design and construction sector. We have been delivering innovative and exclusive workspace solutions that champion brand culture and personality across New Zealand. We provide the most cost-effective solution from design to end delivery managing the entire process from start to finish. We promise a project that is delivered on time and within budget.

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