Consultant Engagement

We work with experts to deliver quality

We work closely with industry experts to provide full assessments of buildings and office spaces to our clients. We conduct an assessment of the proposed building infrastructure and existing amenities to ensure they are up to standard and meet all of your necessary requirements. This includes looking at building functionality, such as ventilation, accessibility, air conditioning, soundproofing and fire escapes. We also undertake an audit of existing technology infrastructure to assess device compatibility and connectivity. All of our findings are presented to our clients alongside recommendations to help you make informed decisions.

Why is consultant engagement important?

Working with industry experts is crucial to ensuring we receive accurate information. This allows us to review, assess and provide the best recommendations to our clients.

Why work with Studio DB?

With over 57 years of business experience, we have built long-lasting relationships with industry experts across the construction sector. This allows us to deliver transparent assessments that are well-informed and timely. Our number one priority is to deliver customer satisfaction and building excellence across New Zealand. You can rely on us to be reliable and act with integrity to bring your ideal workspace vision to life.

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