Glazing and Partitioning

As a part of our high end design process, one of the steps involves helping our clients figure out their balance between aesthetics and creating separate spaces within the environment for different functionalities. We use our specialist knowledge to utilise the designs in order to deliver an end product that is modern, while also providing flexibility for different users navigating and sharing the space.


Why is glazing and partitioning important?

Glazing and partitioning is an important aspect of the design process in utilising the full scope of a space. To transform any space into a harmonious working environment, separating it for functionality and highlighting the design and brand aesthetic is key.

Why work with Studio DB?

Ensuring that your space provides effective solutions with a harmonious environment is important in providing a full design and build experience. With our 57 years experience leading the commercial interior design and fitout company space, you can trust that we will provide complete transparency and solutions to fit your workspace requirements.

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