Strategic Foundation

Strategic Foundation is about collaboration

Each of our clients is unique. Bringing their vision to life requires a deep understanding of their needs and aspirations. Our approach combines a series of discovery sessions, workshops, surveys, and audits to develop a deep understanding of their needs and current situation. Having a clear understanding of our client's objectives is crucial in our project delivery.


Why is the strategic foundation important?

The strategic foundation provides the blueprint for the rest of the project. Our strategy takes into account client goals, their current situation and chosen office location to generate options and solutions for their future workspace. 

Delivering a commercial workspace on time and within budget requires careful planning, with an activities-based schedule. The strategic foundation includes a detailed timeline with key milestones in-built. It is a master plan setting expectations around project completion. 

Budgeting is also a core component of a strategic foundation. Building a commercial office space requires skilled financial planning to ensure clients are not left out of pocket. We examine cost implications across the project to establish total construction costs. This is done in the early stages of the project so that there are no hidden costs. Effective budgeting is key to the overall success of the project.

Why should you work with Studio DB?

Our commercial design and delivery approach has been carefully honed over the last 57 years. We have successfully delivered industry-leading commercial office spaces across New Zealand. From our origin in Whangarei, we now deliver workspace solutions to businesses across the North and South Islands. Our approach is considered and our projects are exclusive. This is achieved with a collaborative approach when setting the strategic foundation. We always put our clients’ needs and aspirations first.

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