Lighting and Electrical

Creating the right ambiance and setting the tone of your space is an integral part of showcasing your brand voice and environment. At Studio DB, we design professional electrical and lighting plans to meet the requirements of the space, all while not compromising our clients voice and input. This is carried out by on-site evaluations and briefings to provide groundwork on customised proposals of the lighting and electrical scope.


The importance of lighting and electrical

Ensuring your space is assessed for proper lighting and electrical is a core task to completing the final upgrade of your design. With our industry experience, we accurately plan and schedule each phase so that we have fully built out and understood the requirements of the environment and clients' creative inputs for their space. Our team is highly experienced in taking into account electrical access and lighting specifications by working in accordance with regulations, so that each step is covered by standard compliances.

Why work with Studio DB?

Studio DB provides full scope of lighting to electrical to ensure clients receive an exceptional and functional end product. With our resources and skilled in-house expertise we deliver designs that make innovative use of lighting to create a warm and ambient environment for your employees and clients.

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