Developed Design

Developed Design is about visualising key components of the final outcome

Branching off from the initial design, we develop the concept into a dimensionally correct and coordinated design, detailing the main components of the structure and how they fit together. Our suppliers coordinate the development of the design based upon the approved concept design. To ensure information is shared clearly, our design team details the spatial coordination, structural and architectural information.


Why is Developed Design important?

Our suppliers provide the project information model in accordance with the master information delivery plan at this phase of the design. This model gives you an idea of size, shape, location, tolerances, quantities and more. This model also identifies other information that is key for the development of the final outcome. Specific attributes and properties are developed so that the selection of systems and products are possible. If employers have specific requirements regarding products or other key components, they will be incorporated into the design model. 

The final outcome of this stage is a report that summarizes the key issues, identifies products that have been selected, risks to mitigate and any specified work as well as requirements for design by specialists. The report includes a soft landings strategy and encapsulates the outcome of consultations, including the likelihood of receiving building regulations approval.

Why should you work with Studio DB?

Studio DB is a leading commercial interior design and furnishing business. As a third generation family company, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to doing business. We interweave culture and personal wellbeing to ensure each project starts and ends with customer satisfaction. Our design team is transparent with their work because our number one priority is creating relationships based on a shared vision and mutual respect. Originating from Whangarei, we’ve been in business for 57 years and work out of Auckland, Sydney and Wellington.

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