Client Side Project Management

We build relationships based on mutual respect and a shared vision

We take a listen-first approach. From the first conversation, we are looking to connect and build rapport. Building trust and mutual understanding helps us to deliver work that is meaningful. Collaboration is integral to our strategy, design and construction process.


How does a Client Side Project Manager help you?

The project manager is the bridge between you and our design team. They work closely with you to understand your unique workspace vision. They act as your internal stakeholder, relaying your needs, concerns and scrutiny to ensure we are all aligned under a shared vision.

Why work with Studio DB?

Studio DB provides the quickest route from concept to construction. Our in-house experts work closely with your team every step of the way. We value collaboration, transparency and mutual respect in all of our building projects. We help you interweave culture, brand and personal well-being to create workplace communities. We do this by listening and adapting our expertise based on your distinct needs.

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We create workspaces for a changing world.

The future of work is changing. Attracting and retaining employees is harder than ever.

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